Custom Tooltips in Power BI

Ahmad Chamy
3 min readJan 19, 2021


Do you have some geospatial data you are trying to visualize and want to create a stellar map?

There is no doubt Power BI has some pretty amazing out of the box mapping options to choose from. Not to mention there are tons of other mapping tools you can import such as Mapbox. I will be covering Mapbox in a later blog post but today we are going to talk about a really nifty feature you can use to elevate your maps to the next level — custom tooltips.

Step #1: Create a new page in your Power BI Desktop Report

Step #2: Format the page as a Tooltip

a. Click the format icon in the visualizations pane, then click on “page size” and select your Type as Tooltip

b. Click on Page Information in the visualizations pane and give this page a name (Ex. Tooltip) AND turn on the Tooltip feature here.

c. Go to the View tab in the Taskbar at the top of the screen and set the page view as actual size.

Step #3: Insert the visualizations you want in your custom tooltip

Step #4: Turn on your tooltip on your visual

a. click on your visual (in my case it is a map) and go to the format option in your visualizations pane

b. scroll down to the tooltip section and turn it on

c. make sure you select in the page field the tooltip you just made

d. you should now see your fields section in the tooltip field the tooltip you selected

Step #5: Hover over your map to see your new tooltip



Ahmad Chamy

Business Intelligence Consultant | D Cubed Analytics